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Adams Mystery Playhouse

Colorado’s ORIGINAL Mystery Dinner Theatre

Denver’s Only Full-Time Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Like a Kid Again!

Helping solve the murder mystery at Adams Mystery Playhouse reminds you of how good it feels to use your imagination again! For the first time in a long time, your only focus is on how much fun you’re having with being creative. And you love that solving the mystery is up to you as part of the audience!

It makes you feel like a kid again!

As you imagine how to solve the crime at Adams Mystery Playhouse, you are welcomed, but never forced to participate in the fun of answering the actors’ questions. They find ways to keep you involved in the total experience, and you get to enjoy dinner throughout!

The actors also are expert at making lighthearted jokes throughout the show, adding to the creativity and fun. Come use your imagination again, join the fun, and enjoy the food, at Adam’s Mystery Playhouse!

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LindaLegends Listener
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“Marne we were so pleased with our evening! I purchased 7 Adams Mystery Playhouse tickets for our 2 children and our 3 grandchildren from Texas. We also have 6 more children coming for Christmas, and I’m trying to make reservations for that, as soon as my foot-dragging children make their airline reservations! My husband and I are newlyweds, in our 70s, widowed, but have known each other for over 50 years! We had such a fun evening at Adams Mystery Playhouse, and my husband even got a video of this old lady– me– dancing with the audience! I’m no dancer, so it has been a video to send to our other children. We plan to purchase another evening for two of our couple friends and ourselves. Such fun and humor! I have definitely recommended your show to many friends. Thank you for all the fun and laughter, it did our souls some good in this rather sad world.” Legends Listener Linda

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