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Bruce Simmons Reverse Mortgage

Let Bruce SImmons help you SMARTLY deal with your mortgage with one simple FREE call.


Our Legends reverse mortgage expert, Bruce Simmons, knows that most people still gain net equity in their home, when they have a reverse mortgage!

Bruce has heard the old wives tales about people losing their home due to a reverse mortgage, and the truth is that there is never a debt created beyond the value of your home.

Your legacy of home ownership is carefully protected by regulators! And Bruce lays out the numbers for his clients to see exactly what the reverse mortgage is doing to help their specific needs, and the likelihood of home equity growth in parallel with the benefits of their reverse. You may be one of the listeners that has been waiting for those artificially lower interest rates to return, and the reality is that they probably will not!

Don’t miss out on the specific benefits that a reverse mortgage might have for you!

Let Bruce show you the equity growth that is possible and the ways he can help you. On paper! Just fill out the form below or call Bruce at 303-458-3778


Reverse mortgage specialist Bruce Simmons knows that qualifying now for a reverse mortgage is the smart way to go!

Bruce can help you pay off your mortgage, save those mortgage payments that you would have made, then refi to a lower rate later if interest rates go down.

That way you can eliminate your mortgage payment NOW, and potentially tap into a larger percentage of your home’s equity later. You still have to make your insurance and tax payments, but this is a way to make your home’s equity work for you and save that principal and interest payment every month. And use that money you save for in-home care, unexpected expenses, or even set up a line-of-credit that will grow even faster with higher interest rates that we are facing right now.

There will still be a legacy of value left over in your home, with a reverse mortgage, with the lending limits that have been set-up to protect you.

Stop waiting and call Bruce today at 303-467-7821, or just fill out the form below!

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